This Ohio-based personal injury legal blog provides its readers with informative posts each week to offer them basic knowledge about some of the most common bases for negligence-based litigation. Mistakes made by doctors and nurses, accidents that happen on roads and highways, and harm that befalls victims when they are the properties of other people are all basic ways that people get hurt due to the actions and inactions of others. When these and other personal injury-causing situations occur, though, something worse than injury can result: victims can lose their lives and suffer wrongful deaths. 

A wrongful death is one that happens due to the careless or reckless actions of another person. But as readers can likely anticipate, there are more victims in a wrongful death than just the party that loses his or her life. While that person had to pay the ultimate price for another person’s negligent, reckless, or criminal behavior, their loved ones must also go on without the support of the person who perished. 

Therefore, in accordance with the laws of Ohio, the family members of victims of wrongful deaths may be able to be compensated for their losses through wrongful death claims. Readers should speak with Ohio personal injury attorneys about the procedures that must be met to file wrongful death claims, and the law offices of Joseph T. Joseph Jr. are ready to serve those in need.

Managing the legal requirements of a wrongful death claim all while staying on top of the courts timeline for trial can be perplexing and frustrating to individuals who are grieving. Attorney Joseph T. Joseph is prepared to counsel and advocate for the families of wrongful death victims who only want to see justice served.

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