How A Lawyer Can Help After A Serious Injury

As our Beachwood, OH serious injury lawyer knows after you have been injured in a serious injury accident, you likely have a very long road to recovery ahead of you. While this may sound daunting, you should know that when you work with Joseph Law Group, LLC, you are getting a team who will come around you and support you while fighting for your claim. Many types of therapies play crucial roles in a person’s recovery, including occupational therapy, psychological therapy, and physical therapy. We understand the profound impact that a serious injury can have on a person’s life and we are here to help. Joseph T. Joseph, Sr. is the lead investigator at our firm. He will often meet with people in their homes and gather evidence that helps with their accident claims. 

Occupational Therapy

You may need to go to occupational therapy so that you can relearn how to do many of the daily tasks you used to do in addition to regaining your independence. This type of therapy can help you relearn how to do typical tasks, such as eating, drinking, working, and dressing. Your occupational therapist will also help you learn how to have a high quality even if you have new physical limitations from your serious injury. Your lawyer will fight for compensation so that you can continue to pay for long-term occupational therapy if you need it. 

Psychological Therapy And Counseling

Understandably, you may be dealing with the emotional impact of your injury. This may manifest in the form of depression, anxiety, or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). In fact, you may be dealing with a combination of these. Counseling can help you address what happened and find ways for you to cope with it and your new reality. Your Beachwood, OH serious injury lawyer may try to obtain compensation for things like group therapy, individual therapy, or medication. 

Physical Therapy

After you have been in a serious accident, you may find that you need physical therapy. This typically helps when you need to restore strength, flexibility, functionality, or movement. This can be incredibly helpful for different types of serious accident injuries, including spinal cord, severe fractures, or brain injuries. Your therapist may want you to try a combination of techniques to help, like manual therapy, electrical stimulation, or hydrotherapy. There are many different services available to those who have suffered serious injuries but they can be incredibly difficult to afford if you can no longer work. Your legal team understands this and wants to fight on your behalf so you can get the compensation you need to have a high quality of life. 

Finding Trusted Help

You should not have to file a claim without the help of a legal team that understands which steps to take and how to negotiate with insurance. Instead, trust the team at Joseph Law Group, LLC. We care about getting you the recovery and compensation you need. When you are ready to move forward, speak with our Beachwood serious injury lawyer.