How A Lawyer Gathers Vital Evidence For Your Truck Accident Claim

Our Youngstown, OH truck accident lawyer knows that when you have been injured in a truck accident, your lawyer will play a crucial role in ensuring you have the compensation you need for the damages you suffered. One piece of evidence your lawyer will likely use is the collection of witness statements. These statements are vital to your case and can significantly impact the outcome. The team at Joseph Law Group, LLC understands the importance of meticulously gathering these witness statements so that we can build a robust case. Attorney Joseph T. Joseph Jr. knew early on that he was meant to help others. At just 12 years old, attorney Joseph’s uncle was involved in a serious electrical accident and his case dragged on for years. Since then, attorney Joseph has had a passion for serving others and protecting those who were injured by another’s negligence. 

They Corroborate Your Account

If there were witnesses to your accident, their statements will corroborate your account of how the accident occurred. These statements provide an unbiased perspective and can confirm the sequence of events that you previously detailed. This bolsters the strength of your case and it also helps to provide a clear narrative that aligns with both your testimony and the physical evidence your lawyer has. Further, when a witness confirms details of how the accident occurred, it makes it much more challenging for the other party to dispute your claims.

They Establish Fault

It can be complicated to determine who is at fault in a truck accident claim. There are often multiple parties who may be at fault in these situations. A witness’ statement can provide details about certain things, such as the road conditions, the behavior of the truck driver, and if they noticed there were any violations of traffic laws. This can help to demonstrate if the truck driver was acting negligently or recklessly which helps to prove liability. 

They Corroborate Medical Evidence 

While medical records will be crucial to showing how you were injured in the accident, our truck accident lawyer in Youngstown can tell you that witness statements can complement this evidence and discuss how it happened in real-time. They can describe what your condition was like immediately following the accident, discuss your pain and suffering, and even talk about the state of your injuries before the emergency vehicles arrived at the scene. 

They Challenge Contradictory Statements

When it comes to discussing details of the case, you may find that the at-fault party’s insurance company is challenging you every step of the way. When you have unbiased witness statements, they can be pivotal in challenging these contradictory statements and debunking false claims. 

Finding Help You Need

Following your accident, it is crucial that you speak with a lawyer from a trusted law firm. The team at Joseph Law Group, LLC understands the difficult situation you are in and is here to guide you and back up your claim with strong evidence. We know that witness statements are powerful tools that we can use to direct the outcome of your case. When you are ready, call our Youngstown truck accident lawyer for help.