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While many lawyers handle injury claims, our attorneys at Joseph Law Group are seasoned in every area of personal injury law including motor vehicle accidents, serious and catastrophic injuries, wrongful death, dog bites, premise liability, medical malpractice, and more. Our established track record in helping over 5,000 injured victims retain monetary compensation for their injuries has proven us to be credible and effective in what we do. No matter the size of your case, our attorneys will fight to find a solution for you.

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Unexpected accidents happen, and the injuries sustained from such an event can leave a life-long impact. There is no question that the road to recovery is a lot to manage, especially while medical bills are mounting and the concern for being financially secure is at the top of mind. The attorneys at Joseph Law Group understand the mental and physical strife that you may be experiencing, therefore, we’re here to provide more than a service to you. We’re here to guide you through a complex legal system with the support, legal advice, and action that you truly need during such an uncertain time.

Located in heart of Northeast Ohio, Joseph Law Group has over 50 years of combined professional experience in personal injury law. We’re known for being fair and reasonable yet aggressive when it comes to getting our clients the justice that they deserve due to someone else’s negligence. Representing someone’s interest is a very serious obligation, and the attorneys along with the staff at Joseph Law Group are trained to be committed to that obligation for every claim that we handle. If you or a loved one have been injured due to someone else’s negligence, you need a trustworthy Cleveland personal injury attorney on your side, and in your corner. At Joseph Law Group, we take your personal injury claim… personally!

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Over the decades of being in business, The attorneys at Joseph Law Group have found that being approachable and listening to our client’s concerns allows us to better understand and in return serve from a legal standpoint. By listening, we can then use our knowledge and experience of the law to better educate and meet your expectations.

While some lawyers make big promises, The attorneys at Joseph Law Group are careful not to over-promise. We believe that honesty is one of our most valuable assets. If your case doesn’t require an attorney, we will tell you. However, if you have a legal claim that we think has value to win, we will set realistic expectations and fight to obtain the maximum amount of compensation for you under the law.

While maintaining a professional demeanor with insurance adjusters, and defense attorneys are important, the attorneys at Joseph Law Group aren’t afraid to be argumentative and aggressive when it comes to fighting on behalf of our clients. Not every case will end up in court but our attorneys are prepared to litigate or go to trial if necessary.

During your free initial consultation, our attorneys will evaluate your situation and provide advice on the legal issues that may be involved. We pride ourselves on being honest from the beginning and providing you with a practical and realistic understanding of what to expect as an outcome. Joseph Law Group operates on a contingency basis, so you won’t be charged unless we are successful in helping you recover compensation. Although each case is unique and must be pursued differently, a few things remain the same across the board. Our attorneys will be approachable, honest, and aggressive throughout the entire process of handling your claim.

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The insurance industry is built on the avoidance of making any payments on claims. They see claims as liabilities, and initially deny, defend, and delay a claim to limit that liability and save money for the company. Ultimately, it is the job of the attorneys at the Joseph Law Group to advocate on behalf of our clients and to give the insurance companies and adjusters enough reason to pay an amount of money that is fair under all circumstances. When you hire the Joseph Law Group to represent your claim, you are getting a full-service team of dedicated attorneys and paralegals who will be committed to pursuing the best outcome for you from day one until trial.

Frequently Asked Questions

The road to gaining closure after an accident is tough to navigate through alone. So, before you make any decisions, the attorneys at Joseph Law Group would like to equip you with as much information as possible to make an informed decision on how to proceed moving forward. Read the following answers to common questions we receive, or learn more directly from one of our attorneys during a free telephone consultation.

You do not have to communicate with the at-fault party’s insurance company after your accident. You may want to speak to them to discuss getting your vehicle repaired and providing you a rental vehicle, but you should never provide a “recorded statement” about how the accident occurred, or you shouldn’t discuss your injuries with them. No matter how friendly or accommodating they are with you on the phone, the insurance company’s goal is to pay as little as possible on your claim. Despite marketing gimmicks, insurance companies are not on your side or looking out for your best interest.

Insurance companies employ experienced professionals who will evaluate your claim. Why shouldn’t you? A personal injury attorney levels the playing field. Hiring a personal injury attorney as soon as possible after your accident helps you to navigate safely through each step in the injury claim process. Having an attorney represent you and support your claim forces the insurance company to take your claim more seriously. A litigation attorney has the capability to file a lawsuit should the need arise, which insurance companies do often consider in their evaluation. A personal injury attorney’s goal should always be to obtain the best resolution possible for your injury claim.

The most important thing after sustaining injuries is your health. Medical needs vary from person to person, and accident-related injuries will not always cause symptoms at the scene. It may be a few days before you experience pain or other symptoms that are consistent with an injury. As with any new symptoms, time should be of the essence when it comes to seeking medical attention, and you should get checked out as soon as you begin to experience any pain or other symptoms. When you meet with a doctor after an accident, make sure they are aware that you have been in an accident. Documentation of injuries through medical records is paramount when presenting claims to insurance companies.

If the driver who caused your accident was uninsured, or if they left the scene of the accident without providing information, you may be able to recover for your injuries and damages through your own auto insurance company (if your policy contained uninsured motorist’s coverage at the time of the accident.) In a hit-and-run accident, documenting the accident is especially important, as there may be limited evidence of the other vehicle involved apart from your statement. You should file a police report as soon as you can and take as many photos as you can of the scene, of your vehicle, and of your injuries.

A contingency fee is an arrangement where the attorney does not get paid right away, but receives a percentage of the total recovery for the injured client at the time your case settles. This benefits the client in several ways – (1) there is no up-front or out of pocket cost to the client, (2), there is no fee if there is no recovery, and (3) the arrangement provides an additional incentive for attorneys to ensure an injured client receives the best possible resolution for their claim.

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