Our Youngstown, OH dog bite lawyer knows that in the aftermath of a dog bite, it is crucial that you seek legal representation. These types of cases can be difficult and complex to navigate and doing so without the help of a lawyer can mean you may not get the compensation you deserve. At Joseph Law Group, LLC, we know that medical records play a critical role for each client. These serve not just as documentation of the injuries you sustained but as vital evidence that will influence the outcome of your case. Attorney Joseph T. Joseph Jr. has decades of experience in personal injury claims and has worked with thousands of clients and obtained successful settlements. Because attorney Joseph is not afraid to stand up to the insurance companies, you know you are in the right hands. 

Showing The Extent Of Your Injuries

Your medical records can provide a detailed account of the types of injuries you sustained following the dog bite attack. They will include things like the severity of the bite, the type of bite, what kinds of treatments your doctor administered, and the location of the injuries. This documentation will be crucial in demonstrating how the attack physically impacted you and how your health is following the attack. When you present these medical records, they can show the extent of your injuries and establish how serious your case is. 

They Establish A Timeline

Your Youngstown dog bite injury lawyer can tell you that one of the most important things that must be established after an attack is the timeline of events. Your medical records will help by showing the precise time and date that you received medical attention, when they treated you, and what type of follow-up care you required. 

They Can Show Your Pain And Suffering

Though you may have a clear picture of the injuries you sustained after your attack, medical records can help to show the pain and suffering you endured as a result. They can detail your symptoms, the medications your doctor prescribed to you to manage the pain, and they can even note any psychological impacts that you suffered as well. We know how to comb through medical records to demonstrate the economic and non-economic damages you suffered and how these have potentially reduced the quality of your life. 

They Can Challenge Defense Claims

When it comes to defending a claim, the at-fault party and their insurance company will likely downplay how serious your injuries are. They may even argue that some of your injuries already existed. However, when you have a trail of medical records, they can provide a baseline of how your health was before the attack and document the way that the bite impacted you. When we have the medical evidence, we can counter arguments the other side is using to minimize your injuries and reduce your compensation. 

Find The Team You Can Trust

When you work with the team at Joseph Law Group, LLC, you know you are getting a team that is committed to every detail of your dog bite case. We believe in thoroughly investigating each claim and bringing in solid evidence to support them. We also believe that medical records can serve as a cornerstone of this process and they will help to build a persuasive case for you. When you are ready to seek help after a dog bite attack, reach out to our trusted Youngstown dog bite injury lawyer.