Understanding About Brain Injury Claims

Brain injuries are incredibly severe and often life-altering injuries, as our Youngstown, OH traumatic brain injury lawyer can tell you. Typically, the impact of this type of injury will not just cause physical harm. Instead, it often extends beyond that to damaging emotional well-being and cognitive functions. When you would like to pursue a brain injury claim, it is crucial that you work with a lawyer who has experience in this area of the law. They will be able to present compelling evidence to support your claim. The team at Joseph Law Group, LLC is dedicated to helping their clients and will be meticulous when compiling and documenting the necessary evidence. Jessica Wojnicz is the lead paralegal at Joseph Law Group and has worked with the firm for over 16 years. She helps with cases from start to finish and understands each personal injury file, front to back. She has worked on over a thousand personal injury files and is an asset to each case. 

Getting Medical Documentation

One of the first steps your lawyer would recommend is getting the right medical documentation. Your lawyer will need detailed records that discuss how you got the injury, how severe it is, what kinds of treatments were administered, and what the prognosis for recovery is. You should list any doctors or specialists who helped you when you were injured. Additionally, any imaging–such as MRIs and CT scans–will be incredibly valuable to your claim. Your lawyer will use all of this evidence to help substantiate your claim. 

Expert Testimony

Your Youngstown traumatic brain injury lawyer knows just how crucial expert testimony can be to your case. Your lawyer will work with medical experts who specialize in relevant fields, like neurology, so that they can provide their expert insight into your injury and how it is impacting you. Further, if you go to court, a trusted medical expert will be incredibly valuable to your case. They will be able to explain the medical information and jargon in a way that judges and juries can better understand while highlighting the extent of your injuries. 

Employment And Finances

When it comes to your ability to work, you may find that it is nearly impossible after you have suffered a brain injury. Your lawyer will want to present an accurate account of how well you will be able to earn income following your brain injury and that means compiling evidence. This may come in the form of: 

This can help to put a clear monetary value on what you need to show the economic impact of your brain injury following an accident. 

Finding The Right Help

When you are looking for help following your brain injury, look no further than Joseph Law Group, LLC. We can help you pursue a brain injury claim with a clear strategy and by presenting evidence to support what happened. We are committed to each client and want to ensure that you are getting the compensation that you deserve. You should not have to go through this alone. Instead, work with our trusted Youngstown traumatic brain injury lawyer to see how we can help you.