Accidents happen practically every day, and often Ohio residents walk away from their incidents without any physical harm.

While serious events like car accidents can cause significant personal injuries, other less dramatic accidents like trips and falls can be equally harmful to victims. A victim who is harmed while on the property of another person may have rights to compensation through litigation based on premises liability claims.

Premises liability law concerns the responsibilities of land and property owners to keep their parcels and structures safe from defects, and the rights of victims to seek compensation when they are harmed by those defects. If a person falls due to an uneven pathway, loose carpet or rug, or slippery wet floor, they may be able to sue the owner of the property where their incident occurred to recover the losses their injury-causing accident imposed on them.

The status of a victim can have significant bearing on whether they have rights under premises liability law. For example, if the victim was invited to visit the property owners’ land or was expected enter into it as a licensee, then their damages should be compensable. However, individuals who trespass onto the land of others can be barred from suing for the recovery of their damages.

It is therefore important that slip-and-fall victims speak with personal injury attorneys who practice premises liability law. The laws can be applied and interpreted in many different ways, and victims deserve to get case-specific support for their unique legal needs. As with all of the posts on this personal injury blog, readers should not use this post as legal advice as it is offered as information only.

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